About the service

Ffynnon Non is a bespoke service that specialises in providing person centred care and support for up to 4 younger adults (aged 18-64) with Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, Learning Disabilities, Communication Difficulties and Challenging Behaviour.

We believe that the people we support are unique, and that individuality should be emphasised to ensure that the support given is true to their needs, choices and beliefs. The service encourages people to believe in their potential, and to make positive steps towards achieving individual goals, regardless of presumed ability. 

Working with multidisciplinary teams, Ffynnon Non-uses approach combined strategies of PCC (Person Centred Care), PBS (Positive Behaviour Support), SPELL, TEACCH, Speech Language Therapy and Sensory Integration Therapy in order to achieve greater direction towards independence and promote positive relationships with the individual’s family, professionals and friends within the community. Specialist communication techniques such as Social Stories, British Sign Language (BSL), Makaton, Singalong and Picture Exchange (PECS) are also used to support service users who have little or non-verbal communication, to ensure person-centred planning around their personal goals and preferences. The service is also committed to implementing the ‘active offer’ for potential welsh speaking service users. 

To help us to better understand a person’s interests, strengths, gifts and support needs, we will always complete an initial autism profile for someone seeking to use our service. This makes it easier for staff to understand the individual’s form of the condition and to identify cognitive abilities that may require focus.


Facilities and services

Ffynnon Non is located in Llannon, which is a small village that sits on the A476 road between Cross Hands and Llanelli, in the county of Carmarthenshire, South Wales. The name Ffynnon Non (Non’s Well), derives from beliefs that St Non, the mother of the patron saint of Wales St David, once drew water from the well located in the garden of the house when she was thirsty, and thereafter it was said that the water within the well contained healing properties.


The home itself has been adapted with autism in mind, offering robust furnishings without compromising a homely feel, and is fully compliant with CIW standards.  To the right of the building, the main house is comprised of three large single bedrooms (one on the ground floor and two on the first), each containing their own en-suite to ensure dignity is maintained when supporting service users with personal care routines, and an Assisted Daily Living (ADL) kitchen (toaster, kettle, microwave and fridge), which has been designed to help promote independence whilst ensuring a safe environment is maintained.


The ground floor consists of a spacious Kitchen where service users can opt to make and eat their meals at the breakfast bar or dining area. Next to the kitchen is the lounge in which service users can enjoy a low stimulus, relaxed and homely environment with comfortable furnishings. The lounge has a large wall mounted TV for easy viewing and external views of the front of the home from seated position.  The home is very spacious and allows privacy for individuals when their families and friends visit.

To the left side of the home on the first floor is a self-contained annex which includes a bedroom with en-suite facilities and a separate private lounge. The left-hand side of the home also has a therapeutic Snoezelene room with specialist sensory equipment that is accessible for all service users and is designed to stimulate all the sensory modalities.

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Our staff

All Care Staff within the Home are appropriately qualified and trained to deliver the highest standards of care.  Person centred planning is placed at the very core of the service. The staff have extensive experience working in person centred ways, to enable them to deliver a service that promotes the rights and choices of the service users. The service also works closely with a specialist care training provider to accommodate individual service user’s needs, and to ensure a high standard of training that is kept in line with Social Care Wales standards and other appropriate legislation.


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